Hope Mill - Encino, California

Hope Mill - Encino, California

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Encino, CA
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Homeless men, women and children in Southern California. We distribute our CarePacks directly to the homeless on the streets, & to local shelters & rescue missions for distribution to people in need.
Essential care items for the homeless, such as soap, washcloth, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste/toothbrushes (individually wrapped), non-perishable food & water or juice, socks, adult size t-shirts
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There are tens of thousands of homeless men, women and children on the streets of Southern California. When a person is homeless, simple things that many of us take for granted are beyond reach. Basic things - like something to eat and drink, a change of clothes, a warm scarf, a pillow to rest their head on at night, and basic personal care products. Through our CarePack program, Hope Mill, Inc. provides a message of hope and care to those who find themselves homeless. Our backpacks, carefully filled with needed items such as food, water, clothing, toothbrushes, soap and much more, are distributed to homeless men, women and children on the streets and are also delivered to local missions and shelters in California where they are distributed to people in need. Please check out our website at www.hopemill.com - you can also view a Needs List at http://www.hopemill.com/needs_list.html
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Help us help the homeless! CarePacks provide badly needed essentials and a message that people care.

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